How to learn Elixir?

2017-02-05 16:40
2017-02-05 16:40

Guten Tag!

Recently, I'm really interested in Elixir. Elixir leverages the Erlang VM though, the syntax is similar to Ruby. If you want to know more about Elixir itself, please google it.

The problem when you start a new language is how to learn it. My answer was to create a new application. That was not bad, actually. I could learn a bit Elixir and Phoenix which is WAF for Elixir inspired by Rails.

However, since it's a web application, most tasks after launching is coming from UI/UX. In my case, I spent a lot of time on ReactJS. That's also a good experience, but was it what I want to learn? No, so I wanted to learn Elixir.

The result I found to solve this problem is EXERCISM.

This is quite helpful. I show you the list what I think it's good.

  • Able to start very basic skills
  • Not so difficult questions(algorithm)
  • Able to fetch questions in command line
  • Submit your answer from command line
  • Able to see answers others submitted
  • Free :)

Especially for people like me who don't know functional languages, it's really helpful to see and to understand the better way from other answers.
If you had an interesting, it's time to start! :)